Paperless production can become a reality with this product. There is no faster, simpler and clearer way to make the processes available.

No matter whether it is an extraordinarily complex fully automated production line or a simple manual workstation for repacking the containers. The workflow is standardized everywhere. This provides safety and increases the structural processes.


In today's world, it is normal for staff from many different nationalities to work hand in hand in a production facility. For this reason, the software can be displayed in many different languages at the push of a button. This makes it easier for your staff to find their way around quickly, as a language barrier is minimized.

Production order

All relevant data is available. Production quantities for the product to be produced (actual/target/scrap), as well as input material components from the BOM and the multi-layer packaging.

Production data acquisition

Machine-supported production data acquisition refines the accuracy immensely. In the event of a machine malfunction, the operating mode of an unplanned malfunction is automatically recorded. When the processes are started, standstills are reset, with the exception of set-up. This maximizes the quality of the condition.

Production data acquisition is the extension of machine acquisition to include areas that are not part of the machine scope. These include, above all, reasons such as lack of personnel and raw materials, planned and unplanned cleaning, and planned downtime due to lack of orders.

Failure Collection Card

Automatically recorded defect patterns for rejects can be displayed in the failure collection card for the personnel on site. At the same time, it offers the possibility of recording defect images that production cannot record automatically.

Inspection part removal

Preset withdrawals during production can be made with test part labels. This automatically documents the raw material and the time of removal. At the same time the production quantity for packaging is taken into account. This is because a test part is a positive product for the KPI - but it is usually not available for packaging.

Machine and personnel time

Setup and production times are reported back to the higher-level system. Orders can specify different work centers. At the same time, they can be assigned different cost factors.

Parallel logons of employees (jumpers) automatically return only a fraction of their labor time. This significantly increases the quality of the labor time per production order. On this basis, product recalculations provide a better estimate.

Packaging labels

Container labels can be printed directly at the workplace. This prevents labels from being mixed up. Likewise, no papers need to be delivered to the work center when the job starts. This speeds up the process and is also particularly reliable. This is because the contents of a carton are rarely checked again. This prevents the products from being mixed up.

These labels are VDA 4902 compliant. Standard size DIN A5 as well as the small load carrier (KLT) label in DIN long is supported as plug-in card or adhesive label.