The central element as the foundation for our MES solution. Professional tool for almost everyone in the company.


Each user has his/her individual login with appropriate individual or group permissions.


The configuration takes place centrally via the central software. Depending on the respective machine controls, the configuration and import windows are dynamically adjusted there. Changes are stored in the database and can then be transferred to the collectors at the push of a button. This prevents frequent initialisation of the machine connection. Thus, the data quality increases with modifications.


When all configurations have been successfully completed, data is collected. These can then be evaluated in very different ways.
In addition to the fault detection analysis of the individual machine, the system status can also be monitored.

The cycle time analysis provides stopwatches for the process time anylses. This is a classic bottleneck analysis.
Material consumption and production volumes can also be accessed.

In the plant cockpit many key performance indexes/KPIs are displayed in a dashboard. At the same time, it provides an overview of the current state of production.Finally, event logs, communication and heartbeats of the components are provided for diagnostic purposes.


All often need the same functionalities. The basic functionality will meet a large part of the requirements. But every company is individual. Thus, we offer tailor-made implementation of plug-ins, which are created only for you.

Everyone is the same – just different. So are we.


You can access the respective MES-Terminals from the software in order to be able to look “over the shoulder” of the colleagues on site. This allows you to quickly and effectively access the information from the production from the office. At the same time, you can search for information in your workplace in other system solutions.