Product overview

A modular product range offers the optimal solution. The software is published centrally in your company.

The systemdiagram provides you with an overview of the interrelationships of our MES solution.

Our heart is the MES-Suite. The central software is installed on almost every workstation in the company. All components are configured centrally via the software. Evaluations are generated by pushing a button.

Every workplace in production has a MES-Terminal. There current orders with product, production quantities, input materials, packaging regulations are visualised. This is also used to record the production data Acquisition (PDA), failure collection card (FCC), test part sampling, and much more.

One core competence is our machine connection software. At the manufacturer’s protocol level, we bind the machine control to our MES. OPC and euromap are also included in the scope of the interfaces.

To extract the essential from the sheer variety of data, we use our MES-DataMiner to refine the data. If there are discrepancies in production, one can submerge deep into the matter with the details data from the live system.

A link between workstations and the superordinate system would be useless without an individual gateway. This powerful tool enables the seamless exchange of business process-relevant information.

The MES-EasyTerminal is suitable for small production users. At the same time, different production sites can be covered there, which are used by only one person.

Show the current key figures, for example, in production, in the managing director’s office, during maintenance or where ever you want. Keep the global overview and immerse yourself in details in the MES-Suite if the metric changes negatively.

In paperless production, you can show your employees their planned workplace and present the planned production. In this way, your staff can optimally adjust for the job.