Product Data Recording

Total Productive Maintence (TPM)

Prevention is better than aftercare! This applies not only to your own health, but also to every company.

Maintenance window

A planned shutdown is an investment in the future. Because a preventive measure can be planned by all those involved. Maintenance can plan maintenance windows at the work centers on the basis of maintenance plans and personnel availability. In this way, scheduling and detailed production planning have direct information on the planned downtime. This can also be taken into account in personnel planning for production.

Machine breakdowns

These can be reported quickly and effectively from the MES terminal to maintenance. The advantage for the maintenance department is an automatic prioritization of open tasks based on production planning.

Failure analysis

From the office, all fault, warning and alarm messages of a machine control system can be analysed. This gives electricians and mechanics the opportunity to take spare parts or tools with them before they arrive at the plant.

Plant performance

Evaluating the output of a plant over the long term can reveal possible fatigue phenomena.

Plant report

"Take care" through a weekly analysis of the collected key figures. Detecting anomalies, initiating measures, measuring success - this tool makes it possible.

8 pillars

We provide key figures for the eight pillars.

  1. P for Productivity
    (e.g. labour productivity, value added per person, reduction of disturbances)
  2. Q for Quality
    (e.g. number of process errors, number of defects, number of customer complaints)
  3. C for Costs
    (e.g. reduction of manpower, maintenance costs, energy costs)
  4. D for Delivery
    (e.g. stock quantity, stock turnover)
  5. S for Safety
    (e.g. number of accidents, sickness rate, pollution indicators)
  6. M for Morale
    (e.g. number of suggestions for improvement, number of small group meetings)