Product Data Recording

Production Planning (PP)

Detailed production planning is one of the core competencies of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES). Because the connection between the workstations and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) makes it the basis for production planning.

Detailed planning

Converting sales orders into production orders is partly still the task of the higher-level solution. Then the assignment to suitable workspaces begins. This is optimally possible in our solution, because the machine status is directly visible.

Production feedback

Confirmations of production figures are directly taken into account in the current production orders. Thus, the expected end of production is linked to production.


The disposition can reschedule orders dynamically to other systems if the end of production threatens to break down. This can happen due to machine malfunctions, material or personnel shortages.

Interruptions of production

If a shift is not planned, as on weekends or holidays, this is taken into account in the production time. Thus, there is the net production time which is determined from takt time and production quantity. And the gross production time, which takes into account break and cleaning times, shift losses and running-in or setup times during product changes.

Individual workplaces

Workstations are often grouped together in similar groups. This allows products to be manufactured in parallel at several locations. But there are few individual products that can only be produced on a few machines of this group. This can be planned more precisely within MES by means of article maintenance.