From our expertise as a mechanical engineering company, we offer a solution to connect non-automated processes for MES.
We offer a machine control system that acquires signals and makes them available to the MES. There are different applications. This MES-Combox can be used for about 20 workstations.

Manual workstation

A manual workstation can be extended by a foot switch for the registration of good parts. A light barrier can also be used for this detection.

Manual detection of scrap parts

Many automated production processes are often subject to visual checks by personnel. With the help of a MES-Combox, a scrap part can be subsequently produced from a good part.

Connection to old systems

If a control system is outdated and direct data acquisition is not possible, the signals can be acquired directly at signal line level. In this way, systems can also be recorded where the connection is too cost-intensive.

MES-Compact Combox

In our MES-Terminal stand we offer you a small, compact control unit which is designed for only one workstation. The advantage over the more complex configuration is the short cable lengths.