Machine Data Acquisition

Machine Data Acquisition (MDA)

With our machine data acquisition, we connect the machine control or programmable logic controller (PLC) with our system.


The heart of this technology is our self-developed MES-DataCollector software. The individual communication settings are configured in the MES-Suite and the data points or variables respectively memory areas are registered. You are able to do this configuration by yourself.


You can use a variety of controls directly via the proprietary interface of the respective manufacturer. This offers the advantage that no further abstraction layer is necessary. You communicate with your components in the fastest and easiest way possible.


We support the Open Platform Communications Data Access (OPC DA). Many manufacturers offer this interface as an independent transmission layer.

We also serve the new standard of the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) platform.


Euromap is a community to guarantee a standardized interface for the exchange of data, especially in the injection molding sector. This area is also covered by our product.

System status

We record the system status in order to represent the signal tower of a machine. These are usually four states, such as Automatic run, ready, set-up and collective fault.

We also use this information so that we can offer machine-aided production data acquisition (BDE). With this option, the information content is specified as precisely as possible and significantly relieves employees.

Failure messages

Normally, warnings and alarms are displayed in the Human Machine Interface (HMI) of the machine. We record these warning and fault messages unfiltered with our software solution. This means that it is possible to analyze dependencies at any time. The zoom levels allow you to concentrate on time or fault message ranges. This recording is manufacturer-independent.

Cycle time

Stopwatches can be configured for process steps or functional sequences. Thus it is possible to determine a bottleneck in a production. By eliminating the bottleneck, you can also check long-term whether processes are stable.

Production quantities

In addition to the good part quantity recording, which is elementary for the output of your products, we offer the scrap part recording.

The advantage of our integrated solution is, that we can record a failure collection card (FCC) directly with information from the process. This significantly increases the possibilities for improvement. Due to the multiple causes of defects, even complex data can be recorded.

Material consumption

The advantage of material consumption based on collection points through our software solution enables the increase of inventory. This is because a retrograde material consumption based on a parts list or component list that takes place through the production quantities is not particularly accurate.

In the case of material consumption where process-related material consumption is required (as in the injection moulding process), this significantly maximises accuracy. Also regranulate can be considered in this way.

Data format

We base our data acquisition and storage on the format of the Association of German Engineers VDI 5600. This format includes a very detailed representation of the data points in sheet 3.