With software, it is common for errors to be logged. We have transferred this sensible solution to machine states. After all, what does it help when operating data is recorded but the details are not known?

We unite two worlds with each other. The chronological untiring recording of machine states, which are displayed independently to the personnel at the machine.

Machine fault

A machine with a programmable logic controller (PLC) can usually record many hundreds of fault messages and visualize them on the human machine interface (HMI).

However, this information is acknowledged as quickly as possible by restoring basic positions. This is because the machine should switch over to normal automatic operation as quickly as possible.

With our DataCollector we record all these faults from the beginning to the end. In a Gantt diagram, all faults are then displayed over time. It is possible to diagnose simultaneously occurring or parallel events.

The maintenance department can use this information to gather valuable information. Because this recording is done automatically. No information is smoothed or retouched. Detailed decisions can be made on this basis, as all details can be accessed.

This also relieves the employees at the machines, as there is no need to write down the fault messages.

Machine status

A machine that is fully automated requires little manpower. This means that hardly anyone can see whether the machine is still producing. For this purpose, signal lights are usually installed on the machines, which correspond to traffic lights.

We pick up this information parallel to the fault messages. This provides a global overview of the machine status.

Our solution also uses this status to support machine-supported production data acquisition (PDA). An error on a machine automatically causes an unplanned malfunction.