The Manufacturing Execution System (MES) sees itself as a link between the workplaces in production and the superordinated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Therefore, interfaces belong to the essential competence of our solution.

After all, what good is the most beautiful island if there are no ships to unite passengers and the island?

Machine control

Integrated is our DATAcollector, which connects to the machine controls (PLC). This offers a wide range of connectivity.

If an interface is missing, there is the possibility to implement the interface cooperatively. For older controls or closed systems we offer our Combox.


From our experience, adapted interfaces must be used for the ERP connection. Many systems are not on the same patch level or the company processes are mapped differently in ERP. The range of modules is usually very different.

Thus we develop together with you an ERP gateway that fits your company.


An individual interface to an existing quality management (QM) is also important. In this way, information on reasons for scrap and production lots can be transmitted directly. The removal of inspection parts can also be detected via our solution. This is especially important for documentation purposes. It also relieves the burden on employees who do not have to worry about the documentation of the inspection withdrawals.


Absences of employees are usually recorded centrally in the personnel system. This information can be taken into account for shift planning and bonus calculations.