Data Ware House

Data Ware House (DWH)

Our Data Miner condenses the data from the MES system into a special database, the Data Ware House. This can be understood as the essence of your live data.

This central data collection point is unique per customer.


If you only have a single location, the easiest solution is to create this aggregation parallel to the live database. Short ways accelerate the accesses.

Simple and effective solutions are at the forefront of our work.


At several locations there is usually already a data connection to the main location. In this way, it is simply possible to store the central database internally in the headquarters.

The advantage of this option lies in the company’s internal data protection concept.

Should a new branch start, the Date Ware House can be centralised at other locations, so that you can start with a local solution in a branch. Each tree starts with a small seed and can be moved if necessary.


Your company is at home on several continents? This, too , is no problem, we offer a global solution. Then a central storage in the cloud usually makes sense. This provides reliability and redundancy.