Document Management System

Document Management System (DMS)

Requirements for processes and controls change. Appropriate documents must be made available at each workstation.

Manuals and job descriptions

For each workstation you can make documents available to your employees in the MES-Terminal. This can include manuals, maintenance and lubrication plans.
These can be maintained together for similar systems. This gives you a central location where all relevant information is available.

Product instructions and inspection plans

Depending on the product currently being produced, relevant information can be displayed. This can include assembly instructions or test instructions.
If the product changes at the workstation, the documents also change accordingly.

Change management

If there is a new assembly instruction or a revised test instruction, this can be proactively displayed to the employee for information.
Select a document that has been classified as relevant for production. The employee must actively acknowledge and confirm this. This is also reset when the document is updated. Even employees who have been doing a good job for decades remain "up to date" in this way.

Access protection

Depending on the user level, other documents can also be displayed. This is a useful solution for access data or setting parameters. Documentation on network topologies can also be stored in a protected manner.