Modular System

Our solution consists of several modules that are used in the different software products. These will assist you in different ways and fit like gears seamlessly into each other. Thus providing you with maximum flexibility. Like a tool box that can be put together again and again as required. Not everyone needs the whole package - but you can add the right module at any time. And so expand your ability to achieve your goal.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

In just three simple key figures - which lead to a single key figure. Availability × effectiveness x quality rate = overall system effectiveness.

Machine Data Acquisition

Machine Data Acquisition (MDA)

From mechanical engineering, we have dealt with the data exchange of machine control (PLC) and IT components right from the start. Our core competencies include the connection of all components from the sensor to the cloud. We therefore support you across the entire spectrum in digitization. The advantage of our solution is the ability to automatically collect as much data as possible from the PLC.

Production Data Acquisition

Production Data Acquisition (PDA)

Machine-based operating data acquisition is the basis for good key figures. Your employees are relieved because the basic status of the workplace can be set automatically. At the same time, you have the chance to refine this superordinate information.

Product Data Recording

Product Data Recording (PDR)

The quality of each of your good products can be recorded sustainably. In this way you can call up your production results and use them as the basis for a complaint. Transparency creates trust. Numbers are facts that create a very good basis for tackling things at the root.

Production planning and control (PPC)

Production Planning (PP)

So that your customers do not have to wait for their parts, you already have an optimal overview during the detailed production planning. Capacity bottlenecks become apparent early on. Your sellers have the opportunity to react quickly to delivery bottlenecks and to pass on information at an early stage. Acting is much better than reacting.

Failure collection card

Failure Collection Card (FCC)

Failures happen! Who enriches this information with details, is able to eliminate errors quickly and effectively. Any part or product that is lost, is money lost. The loss is not just the component – often sub-components are required that you would have to wait for, machine time is not available for the production of profitable products, since it has to be reproduced. Who knows where to eliminate deficits, is getting better.

Total Productive Maintenance

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

According to Murphy's law, all faults and errors happen when you really don´t need them. Therefore, we offer your employees a quick alarm directly from the defect workplace. The priority of the open tickets is assessed according to the progress of production. Analyzes before arrival at the workplace are possible in the MES-Suite.

Documentg Management System

Document Management System (DMS)

In order to have the currently valid work instruction available at every workplace, we provide an integrated solution. Depending on the workstation, documents and sketches for machine control, assembly instructions, lubrication and maintenance plans can be presented. At the same time, documents are also provided for the product. These generally include test instructions and specifications for the follow-up test parts and test limit values.

Human Resources

Human Resources (HR)

Rewarding good employees - inspiring employees with potential. Because good products are made by satisfied employees. Those who do a lot should be rewarded for it. We implement effectiveness-dependent bonus models that you can freely define. This increases the output in the long term and increases your quality at the same time.

Data Miner / Business Intelligence

Data Miner / Business Intelligence (BI)

With the help of this service, data from the MES-Suite (the live data) is compressed and stored in the data warehouse. This data refinement is used to quickly retrieve information.

Data Ware House

Data Ware House (DWH)

After the compression, the information merges centrally at a collection point. Evaluations in various ways can take place over highly dynamic periods. From hours to years, you have everything in sight.


Gateways (GW)

You already have different software solutions in use and want to enrich the data? Our individual gateways provide the optimal solution as an interface. These can also act bi-directionally.


Eventlog (LOG)

Recording fault messages centrally provides the opportunity of optimally analyzing fault patterns. And this regardless of manufacturer!

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management (WM)

In the production area needs-based container requesting is a significant relief. Delivery horizons slow down the supply area in order to be able to act dynamically.

Key Performance Indicator

Key Performance Indikator (KPI)

Keep an eye on the pulse of your production. Where are the hurdles that you have to overcome in order to master the parkour as quickly as possible. Manage production or even delivery breaks.



We integrate manual workplaces just like old systems that have no or bad machine controls. For this purpose, we can provide you with our in-house developed communication module in a robust industrial design. Work processes are absolutely identical - from the manual workstation to the highly automated production line.